Sam Rooney

General Manager


BSc. ExSci. MSc. Ex.Phys & Clinical Rehab, AEP ESSAM

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist by trade, Sam brings a broad experience to the Healthmarq team. Having worked in areas ranging from the disability sector to elite sport, it is Sam’s experience managing the allied health department of a rehab hospital and running his own businesses whilst continuing to manage a small patient caseload that allows him to find the right balance between ensuring optimal health outcomes for our clients and the commercial realities of operating a business. Sam’s belief is that if Healthmarq provides exceptional service and outcomes for all stakeholders, the commercial needs of the organisation will be met through repeat business and customer loyalty.

Sam has a burning passion for improving the quality of the health, wellbeing and fitness industry, to the point at which he has developed his own educational platform to assist with achieving this mission. At Healthmarq, this manifests in the daily drive to ensure that our staff set the bar for Exercise Physiology services in Australia.

When not at work you’ll find Sam surfing the Illawarra beaches or playing with his American Staffy, Dusty.

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