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The healthmarq PACE Program

Physical Activity & Cognitive Empowerment

A specifically designed Exercise Physiology program that promotes best practice and continuous improvement in the management of mental health conditions.

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PACE yourself with healthmarq’s PACE Program.

“The Guideline Development Group (GDG) supports the view that there is value in prescribing exercise as an adjunctive treatment for patients with mental health conditions.” – The underlying premise of healthmarq’s popular PACE program.

Mental health conditions  often  present  unique  challenges  that  are  not  seen  with  physical  injuries.  Best practice  management  begins  with  understanding  this  complexity  and  ensuring  an individual feels empowered  and  supported  throughout  the treatment process.

The PACE Program is an integrated program incorporating education, exercise, evidence-based protocols and a collaborative approach to empower individuals in facilitating improvements and returning to normal activity. 

The PACE program is an individualised, tailored and person-centred   treatment program delivered through module-based education and activity sessions. Exercise  based  intervention  and  the  positive  impact  of  such  intervention  on  psychological  injuries  and subsequent recovery, is a well-documented treatment modality that is seen as an essential requirement to assist with recovery.

Appropriate Candidates
  • Those with a primary or secondary mental health condition.
  • Those with a non-catastrophic injury.
  • Those who may be at risk of developing a mental health condition following injury, illness or adverse event.
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