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We work with the NDIS to provide better outcomes for people with disability

We help NDIS participants reach their goals through the implementation of Exercise Physiology programs specifically tailored to each individual. Read below to find out more.

NDIS Exercise Physiology Australia

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is designed to provide individualised support for participants with physical or intellectual disability to achieve their personal goals and develop their capacity to participate in the community and employment. Exercise Physiology is prescribed under the Capacity Building Support category, to participants with permanent disabilities.

The goal of our Exercise Physiology programs are to assist the participant in reaching their goals and promote independence in ongoing exercise participation. Secondly, we aim to facilitate our programs in the most cost-effective manner to the participants and the NDIS.

Our NDIS Exercise Physiology programs cater for participants that are looking to:

  • improve or reduce deterioration of functional capacity due to their condition,
  • minimise the impact of a specific disease/condition,
  • set SMART goals and increase capacity to independence,
  • increase participation in community events such as organised sport,
  • obtain, return to or maintain suitable employment, and
  • improve overall physical and mental health.

The benefits of our intervention include:

  • Increased capacity: Improve stamina and muscle strength to perform daily activities.
  • Improved mental health: the brain releases specific hormones (endorphins, serotonin etc.) that improves moods and symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Social interaction: meeting new people and becoming part of the community
  • Self-management: promotes a higher level of independence, sense of freedom and overall quality of life.
  • Assisting to manage symptoms and alleviate pain in the process.

All Healthmarq programs are completed in collaboration with the existing care team to ensure all parties are aligned in working to achieve the individual goals of the participant.

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Exercise Physiology