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NDIS Exercise Physiology Australia
NDIS Services

We develop exercise and wellbeing programs to support and maintain health services for people with a wide variety of disabilities. Our programs help to develop and manage their quality of life and build capacity for activities of daily living.

Exercise Physiologists for Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation

We provide clients with a range of programs tailored to the biopsychological, physical and psychological needs of the client. We work alongside the client and all stakeholders involved to ensure the optimum outcome and goals are achieved, promoting recovery at work and independence in self-management.

Motor Vehicle Accident recovery
CTP / Motor Vehicle Accident

We provide a range of solutions to assist individuals recovering from a motor vehicle accident make a safe and durable recovery. Integrating a holistic approach to recovery, our programs look at providing assistance to all aspects of your recovery.

Mental Health Programs Australia
Mental Health Programs

Our PACE Program is a dynamic and integrated program for individuals with mental health conditions. Standing for Physical Activity & Cognitive Empowerment, the PACE Program provides individuals with the skills they need to manage their physical and mental wellbeing on an ongoing basis.

Workplace Injury Prevention
Injury Prevention & Risk Management

A dedicated focus to supporting industry stakeholders through the implementation of robust and effective injury prevention strategies and risk management solutions. Our 7 point approach to this can be used as a holistic solution or delivered separately into individual modules.

Life Insurance

Evidence shows that the implementation of a structured exercise program assists in reducing mortality, increase life expectancy and proven all round benefits to health and well-being. Our evidence based approach ensures the best long term outcomes for members.

We survey all stakeholders involved in our programs, with responses submitted anonymously to ensure all reliability.

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