Rehab Providers

Helping your clients reach their goals

With communication a cornerstone of our service delivery, our Exercise Physiologists will work closely with rehab providers to ensure their treatment programs are tailored to the return to work plan and work collaboratively towards a common goal.

Exercise Physiologists for Rehab Providers
Up to date physical & functional capacity data

The Healthmarq team understand the importance of rehab providers having up to date information on the functional capacity of their clients. By ensuring all parties remain up to date with the client’s capacity, barriers and goals, informed decisions can be made with regards to returning to work and generating RTW plans.

Such is the importance Healthmarq places on communication, you will receive an update following each treatment consultation, or if the client should cancel or present barriers to recovery.

We case conference!

If requested, Healthmarq Exercise Physiologists are able to attend case conferences with you and the client to provide clinical evidence and support proposed upgrades and return to work planning.

Skilled in communicating with both clients and medical professionals, our team are able to provide a firsthand account of demonstrated functional capacity and put the client at ease if they are hesitant or fearful of re-injuring themselves as they increase their work related activities.

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