We help achieve optimal and durable return to work outcomes

Our Employer Direct services are worker-specific treatment sessions held at the Workplace of the client.

Exercise Physiology Solutions for Employers
Bespoke Workplace Solutions

Our bespoke programs can be served as in-house strengthening consultations, risk management & employee wellbeing strategies and/or supervised manual handling training.

Employer Direct treatment will benefit recovering workers who:

  • have concerns with applying proper manual handling to pre injury work tasks,
  • have travel limitations or lack of access to rehabilitation facilities,
  • have limited time to attend treatment outside of work hours, and
  • have shown minimal motivation to comply with treatment.

With the guidance of our experienced and knowledgeable movement specialists, employees can develop the confidence to perform required tasks effectively, efficiently and safely.

Our bespoke programs can be delivered face-to-face, or through a tailored solution including online seminars, interactive programs or through the development of role specific resources that can be provided directly to staff.

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