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Exercise Program Solutions for Psychologists
The Healthmarq PACE program

Our PACE program is a dynamic, integrated module based program, incorporating education and communication to empower participants in facilitating improvements and returning to normal activity.

Mental health, and the treatment of the associated conditions, is an integral part of the ongoing health and wellbeing of the affected individual.

Through the implementation of a structured exercise program, individuals can significantly improve different areas within their lives that will provide an overall positive impact on recovery and a return to function. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Improvements in quality of sleep,
  • relaxation,
  • regulating mood,
  • increase of energy levels,
  • improves sense of control, and
  • creation of routine & structure.

Psychological conditions often present unique challenges that are not seen with physical injuries and as such Healthmarq have designed an evidence-based approach that promotes best practice and continuous improvement. 

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